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Individual Sessions

30 minutes                               $50

A brief journey under the light 

45 minutes                               $75

Going deeper into the light

60 minutes                               $90

Very beneficial and meaningful

Group Sessions                        

Up to 8 people at a time in groups of 4

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About PandoraStar

The PandoraStar Deep Trance Meditation Machine is a device with 12 flickering white and yellow LED lights that will guide your brain into the desired wavelengths to achieve various beneficial states of mind. Through closed eyelids, users experience a kaleidoscope of patterns and colors bringing the users into deep meditative state.  

What To Expect

The PandoraStar will be on a tripod with the light positioned over your third eye.  Once comfortable, the pre chosen session will begin and you will be on your way.  Focus on your breathing and see where your mind will take you.

PandoraStar Testimonials

A great review by singing bowl practitioners 


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